Unlock the Power of a Building's Real-Time Data

Relynk empowers PropTech companies by providing seamless access to a commercial building's real-time data. Our easy-to-use API platform connects you to an extensive range of real-time information, including occupancy levels, energy usage, ambient conditions, and more, supercharging your data-driven solutions and giving you the edge you need to succeed. With Relynk, tapping into the expansive network of sensors and IoT devices within any commercial building has never been simpler.

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Relynk's approach

Accelerate your development process with our integration platform. With just one seamless integration, unlock the full potential of all existing data sources within a building and streamline your process like never before.

With Relynk

1 integration handled by you

Without Relynk

Multiple integrations handled by you

With Relynk Approach

How it works

We start by connecting our software with the Building Automation System, we then organize the data, and once that's done, you can access the data you need through our API. Simply put, its Plug-and-Play!

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1. Connect to data sources

We connect our software directly to the Building Automation System. This is usually a simple plug-and-play solution that takes minutes to set up, and does not require any changes to existing systems.

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2. Organize the data

Data is only useful if it's well-organized and easy to access, and real-time data from buildings are usually the opposite. That's why our platform is designed to automatically organize the data for you. We use a variety of algorithms to categorize the data and make it easy to search.

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3. Access the data through our API

Once the data is organized, you can access it through our Open API. It is designed to be simple to use and easy to integrate with your existing software without any domain experience. With just a few lines of code, you can start accessing real-time data from commercial buildings.

Build with zero limitations

Every company is unique, and so is how you support your customers. Relynk is built API-first, so you can work with it however you need – zero restrictions.

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2  "filters": [
3    {
4      "filter_on": "asset_id",
5      "value": [
6      	// Id of the 4th Floor
7        "fe4fc49e-2102-4ce9-b42f-a526011e2493" 
8      ]
9    },
10    {
11      "filter_on": "measurement",
12      "value": [
13      	// Only get temperature data
14        "Temperature" 
15      ]
16    }
17  ],
18  // Get the average temperature of the floor
19  "group_on": "floor", 
20  "resolution": "1 hour"

Discover the effortless power of our real estate sensor data API, designed to streamline your integration process and deliver valuable insights in real-time. Get started right away with access to our comprehensive documentation, copy/paste examples, and pre-built client libraries, all tailored to expedite your journey.

We take pride in shouldering the complexity, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: harnessing the data you need, in the format you desire. Forget about deciphering what sensor is in what room; our intuitive API does the work for you.

Our dedicated support team stands ready to guide you through any challenges or inquiries, ensuring a frictionless experience from start to finish. Within minutes, you'll be tapping into a wealth of real-time data from commercial buildings, empowering you to create innovative and transformative software solutions.

Choose our API for a user-friendly yet potent gateway to real-time commercial building data. With just a few lines of code, unleash the full potential of real-time insights and redefine the future of the real estate industry.

Use cases

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Proactive maintenance

By identifying equipment issues early, you can avoid costly CapEx in the future.

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Proactive cleaning

Efficiently allocate resources by only cleaning rooms in active use.

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Space utilization

Gain insight into office space usage and take action to optimize utilization.

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Energy optimization

Pinpoint unusual energy and water consumption and take proactive steps to reduce consumption.

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Tenant user experience

Enhance tenant satisfaction by providing valuable data for a better user experience.

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ESG reporting

Create more accurate ESG reports with real-time data.

Our customers

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Energy management solutions

Develop an app to boost energy efficiency and optimize energy management in buildings.

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Facility management solutions

Create an app to deliver real-time insights to facility managers, streamlining their daily tasks.

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Tenant management solutions

Design an app to give tenants greater visibility and control over their work environment, making daily tasks easier and more efficient.

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Data analysts

Gain portfolio-wide performance visibility and make data-driven decisions.

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